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It is the Mission of the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Training Unit to provide high quality training for our officers to help them perform the duties required to meet our community’s needs. We facilitate professional and personal excellence, enhance organizational effectiveness, and contribute to the current and future success involved in fighting crime with our community.

The Training Unit strives to be the hub of quality training and professional development for the southeast region. Our goal is to enhance the abilities of our officers to be the premiere and elite role models for the community.

Where are We?

The Training Unit is located in the SCMPD’s Professional Development Center at 3401 Edwin Avenue.



The 20,400 sq. ft. facility consists of a 126-seat tiered auditorium, a large training/multi-purpose room, three 32-seat classrooms, a 20-seat computer lab, a critical incident management room, 12 administrative offices for training unit officers/staff, an executive conference room, an exercise room, locker rooms with showers, and a break room.

The building is equipped with energy-saving motion-sensor lighting; Epson BrightLink interactive projectors have been installed in each classroom. These projectors eliminate the need for electronic white boards. The auditorium, multi-purpose room and the computer lab are each equipped with digital LCD projectors.

Below 100 Initiative

The SCMPD is proud to be a part of the Below 100 Initiative, which aims to lower the number of Officer Line of Duty Deaths nationwide to below 100. We have identified five key tenets by which we can improve officer safety—areas where we can make a difference. Below 100 isn’t about statistics. It’s about each and every officer, trainer and supervisor taking individual and collective responsibility for the decisions and actions that contribute to safety.

Below 100For those in a leadership position, Below 100 means supporting a culture of safety throughout your department. Make doing the right thing so ingrained in your personnel that it becomes the norm and not the exception. Just as importantly, hold accountable those who stray outside what should be common sense. Often, a private word with a misguided officer is all it takes to correct his or her misperception. Below 100 is committed to providing you the tools and resources you need to make a culture of safety thrive throughout your department.

Finally, Below 100 is a challenge that recognizes each officer death as a tragedy. It’s our duty to face down death and protect the innocent when called to do so. It’s a fact: Good cops will die each year. But working together—and only by working together—we can keep our streets and ourselves safer.

The 5 Tenets of Below 100 Are:

  • Wear Your Belt
  • Wear Your Vest
  • Watch Your Speed
  • WIN—What’s Important Now?
  • Remember: Complacency Kills!

The Director of the SCMPD Training Unit is:

Gary Taylor
Phone: (912) 921-5450
Fax: (912) 921-5453
E-mail Director Taylor


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