swat5Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team

swat pin History of SWAT Nationwide

In the late 60’s, several national incidents to include the University of Texas at Austin when Charles Whitman took a sniper position atop the main building and killed 14 people and wounded 32 and the Watts Riots in Los Angeles County led law enforcement officials to evaluate how to minimize civilian and law enforcement casualties and resolve these incidents as quickly as possible.  SWAT is designed to be a lifesaving unit.

History of SWAT in Savannah

Just like the Savannah area, Savannah Chatham Metro PD’s SWAT Team has a long history. The department’s first special operations team was made up of one Captain and 100 privates whose main job was to capture chicken thieves after the Civil War!   Since that time the SCMPD SWAT team has developed and grown in many ways.

swat1Makeup of the SWAT Team

Made up of 30 Operators, 10 Technicians and 6 Tactical Paramedics, SWAT is now called out on many critical incidents and are on call 24/7, 365 days a year. The SWAT team is used in hostage and barricaded gunmen situations, high-risk warrant service, search and rescue and dignitary protection.  SWAT works and trains closely with other SCMPD Special Operations groups such as the Bomb Squad, Marine Patrol, Aviation Unit, Hostage Negotiations Team, K-9 and Dive Team. SWAT has trained with many special operations teams including the FBI HRT, USMC SOTG/MEU, SEAL Team 4, 160th SOTF, and the U. S. Coast Guard

Selection to the Team

Selection of SWAT Team members is based on many factors including minimum years of service with SCMPD, a combination of an exemplary service record, passing intense firearms evaluations, physical standards, stress test and an oral board review.  SWAT is a collateral duty associated with normal assigned duties.

The SWAT Team is commanded by:
Lieutenant Dan Flood
(912) 525-3100 ext. 2718
E-mail Lt. Flood