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When Property Crimes occur often the stolen items wind up at pawn shops.  With the SCMPD Pawn Unit teaming up with local pawn shops and Leads Online, a new database that compares what is bought at local pawn shops to an inventory of reported stolen items, SCMPD can more easily recover stolen property.  Leads Online also offers the citizens of the City of Savannah and Chatham County the ability to create a personal inventory of their belongings.  This inventory can contain pictures, serial numbers, descriptions and scan of purchase reciepts to a secure, password protected database.  This inventory is then added to the data that is scanned by Leads Online to check for pawned stolen property.  In the end this leads to higher recovery rates of stolen property and prosecution of the criminal who are pawning it for quick money.

To start your own inventory or to learn more about Report It from Leads Online click the image to the right.