The Property and Evidence Unit



The Property and Evidence Unit receives, processes, stores and secures all property and evidence that is either found or seized within the jurisdiction of Savannah and Chatham County. The integrity of the evidentiary chain of custody is maintained until such time as there is a disposition rendered upon the property or evidence by the court, or the property is returned to it’s rightful owner.


The Property and Evidence Unit is an essential part of the Department’s prosecution of cases within the local, State, and  Federal Court systems. In April of 2013 the unit was relocated to a  new facility on Edwin Street and has been designated as the overall repository for the storage of evidence for the City and County.  Currently the unit consists of 1 Police Sergeant and 5 Civilian Evidence Technicians. Members of the unit are required to receive Property and Evidence training from the International Association of Property and Evidence, Marijuana Examiners Certification by the State of Georgia, courtroom testimony training, and on the job training.

How to retrieve or obtain property

It is the goal and responsibility of the Savannah Chatham Metro Police Department Property and Evidence Unit to return all found, safekeeping and evidence related property to the rightful owner, when it is no longer needed for prosecution.

The property auction list describes the current property within the unit and lists the possible owners (if known).  If you are the owner or if you know any of the people listed please contact the Property and Evidence Unit at (912) 651-6678.  When describing the item(s) listed you will also have to reference the Case Report Number (CRN). Listed below for download are the current property lists:

When claiming any property you will need you to bring proof of ownership (receipts, pictures or other documentation).  Property currently held as evidence in a case will also require release permission from the officer, detective, or judge handling such case.  Any property that is not claimed with in 5 weeks of being posted on this web site will be publicly auctioned via the Liberty Auctions website.

Property will be processed for public auction after it is picked up by auction house staff. This listing process may take up to several weeks. If you are interested in bidding on any of these items it is recommended that you check the Liberty Auctions website regularly.

In addition, SCMPD no longer conducts car auctions. Surplus police vehicles are now dispersed through Government Surplus Auctions at:


Property and Evidence Unit

Address: 78 Ross Road, Savannah GA
Phone: (912) 651-6678
Business Hours: Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri. 8am to 5pm |  Wed. 12pm to 5pm