Latino Officer Outreach Program (LOOP)


To bridge the gap between the Hispanic community and the police department, and better serve the citizens of Savannah & Chatham County. We provide translation assistance to law enforcement during routine and critical incidents and to victims of crimes, and give assistance to members of the public that cannot communicate due to language & cultural barriers. We work with community leaders to assess and assist in the issues, challenges and concerns that are unique to the Hispanic communities.

History of the Unit

2006-2007 saw an increase of of violent crimes, specifically armed robberies and home invasions towards Hispanics. These criminals targeted them due to their inability to speak English and their reluctance to report the incident for fear of being arrested due to their immigration status. Sgt. Tamargo and Sgt. Tobar initiated a campaign to assist these victims, and while doing so they discovered that there was a barrier between the Hispanic community and the Public safety services. The campaign then became a permanent unit- LOOP. Due to attrition and promotions, LOOP program had been put on standby. in 2014, the LOOP program was re-initiated, and it is now a specialized unit within the department.

About LOOP

There are currently 7 sworn officers in LOOP.  One of these officers is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

LOOP is commanded by:
APO Enrique Marquez
(912) 667-7596
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