Savannah Chatham County Metropolitan Police officers and special operations units pose for the 2015 Foundation CalendarThe Homicide Unit


The mission of the Homicide Unit is to investigate aggravated assaults, homicides, suspicious deaths, accidental deaths, infant deaths, and suicides in an effort to determine the facts and circumstances surrounding the case.  The Unit’s focus is to build strong, solid cases and provide justice for the victims of violent crimes.


The Homicide Unit evolved from the earlier (1995-1996) Robbery/Homicide Unit and is currently comprised of 2 Sergeants, 12 Investigators, and 1 Civilian. The Investigators receive extensive training in homicide investigations, interviews and interrogations, search warrants and affidavits, and various other courses to assist with violent crimes investigation.

The Homicide Unit is commanded by:

Lieutenant Mike Izzo
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