The Forensics Unit


To investigate criminal activity by documenting, collecting, and preserving the physical evidence of that criminal activity. We use numerous methods to accomplish this mission, including but not limited to; advanced photographic procedures, latent fingerprint development & computerized matching systems, chemical evidence development methods, and evidence specific preservation methods.


The SCMPD Forensics Unit was formed in 2005 with the merger of the Chatham County Police Department and the Savannah Police Department. The merger consolidated the two independent Forensic units to form one with several specialized abilities. The unit currently operates from its office at the Chatham County Annex building at 295 Police Memorial Drive.

Unit members are required to attend several specialized forensics classes at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in Forsyth, GA to achieve their Georgia Forensic Technician certification. Additionally, members will specialize in a specific discipline within the Forensic realm, such as Arson Investigation, Cybercrimes, Latent Print Examination, Explosives & Post-Blast Investigations, and Video Recovery. Each of these disciplines require additional specialized training beyond what officers obtain annually.


The Forensics Unit is commanded by:
Lieutenant Greg P. Ramsey
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