Counter Narcotics Team

About the Counter Narcotics Team (CNT)CNT

Drug enforcement in Chatham County and Savannah is handled by a unique group called the Counter Narcotics Team. This team is made up of officers from SCMPD and surrounding areas to work together to combat drug crime in Chatham County.

  • The Chatham Savannah CNT was formed in 1994 and is a multi-agency narcotics task force.
  • CNT is comprised of law enforcement officers from Savannah Metropolitan Police, Chatham County Sheriff, Garden City Police, Bloomingdale Police, Pooler Police, Port Wentworth Police, Tybee Island Police, Thunderbolt Police, Board of Education Police, and even the Richmond Hill Police.
  • CNT is comprised of several internal units, including two tactical teams (used to combat street-level drug sales / organizations), an intelligence unit (they receive / compile all drug complaints and information), a diversion unit (pharmaceutical drugs), and a major case unit (investigates mid to large scale drug organizations).
  • CNT is committed to measurably reducing drug trafficking and drug-related crime by enforcing the controlled substance laws and by partnering with federal, state, and local law enforcement on mutual enforcement efforts.
  • CNT also responds to citizen and other complaints about drug activity. Such responses include reports concerning methamphetamine and methamphetamine labs. To report any suspicious drug activity call the drug hotline at (912) 232-0402. This is an anonymous service and does not require the caller to talk to anyone or leave any contact information. However, if circumstances arise and callers need to talk to a drug agent, please contact (912) 652-3900. You can also call CrimeStoppers at (912) 234-2020 to remain anonymous.


The Chatham-Savannah Counter Narcotics Team vigorously investigates all complaints and calls for drug enforcement services, enforces all State and local laws and ordinances, protects life and property, investigates matters of a drug nature, preserves the peace, and strives to prevent crime disorder. We are guided by the ordinances enacted by Chatham County, the laws of the State of Georgia, and the Constitution of the United States of America.

“We vow to protect and serve our entire community by using effective and proven standards of national excellence, with a positive and progressive attitude in every aspect of our public service. The end result is a multi-agency narcotics law enforcement organization which Chatham County and Savannah, Georgia will be proud to call its own.”

Meth Strike ForceMETH LAB

Over the past few years methamphetamine use has been spreading, west to east, across the country. While for the most part Savannah has been relatively free of the drug, it has now infiltrated the outlying areas of the Coastal Empire and police are seeing more and more evidence of the drug’s arrival locally.

To combat the growing meth use and its manufacture, four counties in the area have formed a Meth Strike Force, allowing officers to work fully in concert. Chatham County (through the CNT), the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office, the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office, and the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office have joined forces, providing enforcement to combat this new drug.

lab 2The Dangers of Meth

Methamphetamine is an exceptionally dangerous drug for two main reasons: its damaging and often fatal effects on the body, and its manufacture.

  • It affects the central nervous system, and its use can cause profound irritability, insomnia, confusion, tremors, anxiety, extreme anorexia, paranoia, and exceptionally violent behavior. Ultimately its use has been shown to cause strokes, cardiovascular collapse, and death. It can be orally ingested, snorted, smoked, or injected.
  • Clandestine meth or “clan” labs are often found in obscure areas and are very dangerous due to the chemicals used. The combination of anhydrous ammonia, small lithium batteries, off-the-shelf cold medications containing pseudoephedrine, camping fuel, and/or denatured alcohol makes for a volatile environment that often causes fires and explosions.

If you have any information about a lab, the chemical’s use or distribution, contact the Meth Task Force, anonymously, at (800) 466-6806. The call is free and confidential.