Cold Cases

/Cold Cases

Help us solve the cases shown below. Tips can always be submitted anonymously.

Julius Baker

On June 18, 2005 at 122 […]

Hector Brown

On the evening of December 7, 2013, at approximately 11 […]

Jonah Bryant

On January 14, 2000 at […]

Captain Scott Corwin

The 27-year-old Army captain and his girlfriend, Mindy […]

Bobby Joe Everett

Shortly after midnight on Ma […]

Nathaniel Frazier

On Oct 17, 2013 at about 1 a.m. police responded to a r […]

Rebecca Foley

Rebecca Foley, 21, was shot dead in her Volkswagen Beet […]

Johnny Hymon

Johnny Hymon was murdered on August 20, 2005 around 2 a […]

Donte Swann

Cleophus Dante Swann, known as Donte to his family and […]