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The SCMPD Administrative Services Unit is the “Department behind the Department.”  This unit is comprised of the SCMPD Building Services, Personnel, Purchasing, Quartermaster, and Vehicle Services.  The Administrative Services Unit is housed at the new SCMPD Administrative Services Complex on Edwin Street.

The Director of Administrative Services is:

Maurice Lee
(912)525-3100 x8810
E-mail Mr. Lee

Building Servicesscmpd-barracks-small


The SCMPD Building Services Department handle all matters dealing with SCMPD’s Buildings (both owned and leased) and the surrounding properties.  Building services is also responsible for the securing of these buildings in the event of a Hurricane or Tropical Storm.  The maintenance of the grounds and the buildings are overseen by this office as well.


The Personnel Department handles all personnel matters for the sworn, non-sworn and civillian staff of the Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Poice Department.  This includes payroll, timekeeping, leave/vacation requests, as well as any other personnel issues that may arise.  The personnel department is also involved in processing new employees and assisting in the out-processing of retirees, or personnel leaving the department.

The Human Resource Analyst is:

LaTrelle Porter
(912)825-3100 x3009
E-mail Ms. Porter

Purchasing & Budget

The purchasing and budget department is responsible for all financial matters for the Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Department.  All purchases, request for bids, request for expenditures, the annual budget, travel expenses, Grant monies and other financial matters are handled through this office.

The Budget Administrator is:

Karen Williams
(912)525-3100 x1302
E-mail Ms. Williams


The quartermaster department is responsible for all of the equipment and consumables issued to the department.  This includes not only uniforms, duty belts, ballistic vests, boots, but also paper, report forms, citations, water for special events, and multiple other consumables.

The Quartermaster Coordinator is:

Kimberly Cunningham
(912)525-3100 x1313
E-mail Ms. Cunningham

Vehicle Services

The Vehicle Services department is responsible for the issuance and maintenance records on all SCMPD vehicles.  This includes not only patrol vehicles, but also includes trailers, pick-up trucks, unmarked vehicles, specialty vehicles, and administrative vehicles.  The Vehicle Coordinator also is responsible for the marking of the vehicles as well as the end of life cycle disposal of vehicles.

The Vehicle Coordinator is:

Kevin Hicks
(912)525-3100 x3859
E-mail Mr. Hicks