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SAVANNAH, GA (December 22, 2014): Follow-up investigations into the rape of an unconscious woman in a parking lot on Nov. 30 have led to charges against a second suspect.

Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police have charged Eric Reyes Castro, 26, with being a party to the crime of rape after the off-duty Metro Special Victims Unit detective who interrupted the attack continued his investigation.

Andy Fabricio Carcamo, 22, of Pooler was arrested on Sunday, Nov. 30, after the two off-duty officers found him in the back seat of a locked car in a downtown parking lot with the unconscious victim about 1 a.m. They had been directed toward the car by a visiting member of the military who reported seeing two men taking an unconscious woman to a car.

The officers had been approached by a California man who saw two males carrying the woman towards the parking lot and became concerned. The officers approached the car and interrupted the attack on the woman who was drifting in and out of consciousness.

At the time, Police Chief Joseph H. Lumpkin Sr. lauded the efforts of the bystander who became involved when he realized a stranger could be in jeopardy of being harmed.

“Police can’t be everywhere at all times and this was a case where a young woman was in serious danger,” Lumpkin said. “Because of the efforts of this gentleman and these officers, a dangerous suspect is off our streets. And we may never know what additional harm to this victim was prevented.” (2 photos)
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5 hours ago

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Daniel SpencerExcellent work.5 hours ago
D Squared Barkerawesome job metro!5 hours ago
Jennifer MachaGreat job! Now I hope we can keep the animals in cages where they belong.4 hours ago
Karen RyanGreat job2 hours ago
Kimberly WhitefordThat smirk makes me sick1 hour ago

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SAVANNAH, GA (December 22, 2014): Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police urge citizens to be vigilant in using post-holiday practices to decrease the odds of falling victim to criminal activity. Below, SCMPD has provided 10 crime prevention tips to keeps citizens safe after holiday celebrations.

• Do not leave unwrapped gifts visible through your home’s exterior windows.
• Make sure all original gift packaging is broken down, put in plastic trash bags and secured in a sealed garbage bin until pick up. Also, consider keeping broken down boxes inside your home until sanitation workers make their rounds. Do not give thieves a reason to target your home.
• Inscribe high priced items such as televisions, computers and other electronics with an identification number unique to the owner (do not use social security numbers).
• Take inventory of newly gifted items, noting the make, model, serial numbers and other details. Photographs of items such as jewelry also are helpful.
• Be cognizant of strangers knocking at your door. Before opening the door for anyone claiming to be charity workers, ask for ID. A stranger’s knock at your door may provide them the chance to scope the inside of your house for valuables and strategize for a later return.
• Keep the outside of your home well lit. When leaving, even for short periods, lock doors and close curtains.
• Avoid posting photos of your new gifts on social media sites. You never know who is searching for easy burglary targets.
• If your holiday celebrations are out of town, hold off on posting photos and information about your travels on social media until you return to your home.
• Be a good neighbor. When suspicious persons or activities are observed in your neighborhood, call 9-1-1 immediately. Don’t delay. You might prevent a crime from being committed.
• Schedule an appointment with you precinct’s Crime Prevention Officer to evaluate the security of your residence.
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5 hours ago


SAVANNAH, GA (December 22, 2014): Ft. Argyle Road is closed from Bush Road to Cougar Lane due to an automobile accident resulting in serious injuries. Seek different routes.
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12 hours ago

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Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police DepartmentUPDATE: All lanes of Ft. Argyle Road are now open.11 hours ago

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